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Systemic Individual, Couples, Group & Family Therapy and Counselling

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Systemic therapy in different languages

Since my studies in psychology I have been fascinated by the approach of systemic therapy, which sees problems not as a disorder of an individual, but as a consequence of a disorder in the social environment of the person, that means in the system. 


According to this approach, the human being is a part of a system. A system is, for example, our family, partnership, professional environment, circle of friends, school, etc.. 

Any changes in the system affect all actors in the system. 


If dysfunctional relationships or unfavourable polarities and communication patterns occur in the system, these can affect the well-being and mental health of the system members. 

Therefore, a wide variety of life issues are dealt with in systemic therapy/counselling, starting with professional crises, family conflicts, relationship and marital crises, loyalty conflicts, parenting issues up to coping with anxiety and panic attacks, affective disorders such as depression, or psychosomatic illnesses, and many more.


The focus of systemic therapy is not (as in other therapeutic approaches) the reasons that make people ill, but the correlations, roles, behaviours and relationship structures, unhealthy patterns, communication and interactions between the individual and all forms of his or her environment, while taking into account their function within the system. 


As a result of several years of further training as a systemic life and business coach & trainer, as a systemic therapist and counsellor (SG) at the International Society for Systemic Therapy (IGST e.V. in Heidelberg) led by Dr. Bernd Schumacher and as systemic sexual & couple therapist (IGST e.V.) led by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement and Dr. Angelika Eck I am very well equipped to offer my clients effective treatment anr counselling options. The key is to change the unfavourable patterns within the interactions of the system. The clients are usually not aware of the consequences of these patterns. If the clients have an insight into the interactions so that they can see and understand the meaning of their symptoms in the system, they can usually cope with them more easily and find a different way of dealing with them. 


Systemic therapy can take place as individual, couples, group and family therapy.

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