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Imaginary body journeys (by Sabine Fruth)

Hypnosis to strengthen one's own healing powers & self-regulation

What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a scientifically recognized and proven therapy method, in which - assisted by the coach / therapist - the clients put themselves into a hypnotic trance, a state of deep physical relaxation with a high level of mental focus at the same time.


It is a completely natural brain state that we reach again and again in the course of everyday life when we concentrate strongly on certain topics, activities and actions (trance-like flow, "being absorbed"). The perception of space and time changes, attention is focused on a specific stimulus, and everything else recedes into the background for a certain period of time.  


The brain activities in a trance are clearly different from those in a normal awake or sleeping state, as research has shown with the help of brain imaging techniques. While the activities of the frontal brain with its conscious and analytical thinking are reduced in the trance, the activities of the brain regions responsible for visual-spatial thinking as well as sensations and feelings are increased.

We can make great use of this state of trance, as it allows us to access the valuable information of our inner world.



Imaginary body journeys


As a psychological counsellor, therapist, trainer and coach - also for stress management & burnout prevention - I am confronted again and again and indeed more and more often with stress-related psychosomatic phenomena among my clients. 

Fortunately, many symptoms can be alleviated with relaxation methods and all kinds of stress management tools. 

Since I also work with a hypno-systemic approach, I have always been aware that hypnosis gives my clients even better access to their unconscious and thus also to their own potentials and powers. 

In 2020 - 2021 I completed the hypnotherapeutic advanced training in " Milton H. Erickson based Hypnosystemic Communication" at the Milton Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis (MEG/ MEI, Dr. Gunther Schmidt). In 2021 - 2022 I successfully graduated from Dr. Sabine Fruth's hypnosis training program "Imaginary Body Journeys" designed by her as a therapy method to strengthen self-regulation and self-healing powers. In additional advanced seminars I specialised in psycho-somatic complaints, allergies as well as blockades and inner resistances.

In the "Imaginary Body Journeys", the clients - both adults and, in a wonderful way, children - are guided into their bodies to "take a look" at what it looks like for them, e.g. at the place of mental or physical complaints / suffering. In the process, very individual images arise that only fit the unique person and depict his/her inner world. During these body journeys under competent guidance, the clients find solutions for their symptoms. These body journeys with their solutions represent an uncomplicated mental stimulation of the self-regulating & self-healing powers. I am always amazed at how my clients find access to these self-healing powers, how they strengthen them and how they possibly can support medical treatments. 

At the same time, this hypnosis method gives my clients access to their own resources, self-confidence, self-love and much more.


Every single journey is enriching again and again.


Are you curious about your own body journey? Would you like to find out more?


I look forward to meeting you!

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