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Couples therapy / relationship counselling & sexual therapy

It is impossible and not compatible with life to keep the feelings of happiness of the beginning love relationship forever, to be open to all issues of the other person in everyday life, to fulfil the needs of the partner in all areas - disappointment is a matter of time. Happiness is subject to an individual and subjective definition and is context-dependent, and is therefore not a state but a process. A process that needs to be maintained or renegotiated.
In fact, couples therapy usually begins when something is no longer working / coming to an end or has already come to an end.

Sexual counselling and therapy form another field of my work. Erotic and sexuality often open up fundamental life issues. 
As Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement ( who trained me in couples counselling and sexual therapy) says, it is almost never simply about sex, but above all about the ideas and meanings that each person associates with the process in light of his or her life history - personal meanings, meanings in the current phase of life, meanings for one's own self-esteem, being a man or a woman, relationships and partnerships. In the course of life or a relationship, sexual activity naturally changes in its frequency and quality, and so does the erotic world of meaning.

Although sexuality is a matter of one's own experience, it can play a conflictual role, especially in the area of the (couple) relationship.
Sexual issues in the partnership can be about sex itself, such as stimulation or technique, but sometimes it also needs a look at other issues such as appreciation, emotions, arguments or old wounds, so that closeness may become possible again at all.

Couple / sex therapy or relationship counselling can help when...

- conflicts - caused by unspoken tensions, arguments, silences, discussions, unspoken expectations, cultural differences - determine the everyday life of the relationship,
- one partner feels unseen, rejected, restricted or controlled,
- external circumstances such as child, job, illness, affair, etc. threaten the couple relationship,
- physical affection - closeness, tenderness, intimacy, sexuality - hardly ever happens,
in case of sexual depression in relationship, partnership and/or marriage
- decrease in sexual desire and desire for sexuality is observed
- non-consensual affairs and triangular relationships happen

- You have issues like premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox) or vaginismus
- one partner is unable to cope with a break-up of the relationship.

I would be pleased to advise you on relationship issues, topics of your partnership and your sexuality. 
You are welcome as an individual, couple or relationship constellation of any sexual orientation.
My way of working is fundamentally shaped by systemic and hypno-systemic approaches. On this basis I integrate ideas and methods of other procedures, especially body-oriented ones / embodiment.
Besides German, conversations in English and Polish are possible. 
Appointments can be booked in person or online.

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