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What others say about Life Transformation Coaching

LinkedIn reference 23.12.2021(translated from German)
It is always a pleasure to work with Sylvia. Through her incredibly emphatic manner, Sylvia has been able to make it happen in situations where I have needed support as a leader, that I have been able to take a step back, re-evaluate the situations and find a new way forward.
Sylvia has an incredibly broad knowledge which she brings into the coaching conversations in a wonderful way.
As I myself am very interested in the field of coaching and psychology, I am always very happy to be inspired by Sylvia's professional expertise and enjoy very much the exchange with her.
Tanja Schmidt, Frankfurt

Refernce LinkedIn 06.12.2021(translated from German)

My first encounter with Sylvia was during a joint training for "Master Systemic Business Coaching" and it was a pleasure to work with her. With her broad knowledge from different psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches and taking into account current scientific findings from the fields of brain and priming research, neurobiology and much more, she works integratively at the same time, and adapts the coaching process to the client' needs. With her international background and the many foreign languages in which she offers her coaching, Sylvia has the ability to deal with different cultures, life models and philosophies. I have found her to be very professional, trustworthy, appreciative, encouraging, attentive and empathetic. All these qualities make her a highly recommended business and life coach. 

Thomas Karl, Augsburg

01.04.2021 (translated from German)

Sylvia's professional work as a coach is of high quality. She is very competent in the models, concepts and methods and at the same time also warm, approachable and encouraging. I found this positivity and helpfulness very pleasant. That certainly was good indeed. It is evident that Sylvia has a great deal of knowledge and valuable practical experience of what works best and helps most.

In this sense, once again my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful sessions and the additional impulses and information. I am sure that I will be able to approach Sylvia at any time in the future.


Reference LinkedIn 16.02.2021 (translated from German)

In a truly great manner, Sylvia is by my side in a very supportive way. For me, this means that she leads me in a very short time from a moment of confusion, in which I feel as if my head is stuck in the clouds, to great clarity and inner freedom...She accomplishes this with a great deal of mindfulness and a special kind of inner responsiveness...I feel wonderfully in her hands as a coachee and as a colleague! 

Bernadett Glosch, Köln

Reference LinkedIn 13.05.2020

"I had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Rodatz coaching approach in the role as her client as well as being an observer in sessions with third parties. I am thoroughly impressed by her high standard of professionalism and her genuine radiation of respect and empathy. She listens attentively to the issues raised by the counterparty and expertly guides the communication towards a clarification of the underlying needs. With a pronounced instinct for an efficient balance between sympathy and solution-oriented thrust she provides analysis, discusses likely options for a way forward, provides tools for own contribution to the solution. Based on her profound expertise she leads the counterparty to confidently structure and execute his/her own solution. I can unconditionally recommend Mrs. Rodatz for private and/or professionel coaching."
Dr. Katrin Emmrich, Frankfurt

Reference LinkedIn 30.04.2020 (translated from Dutch)

"Sylvia has very extensive knowledge which allows her to guide the conversation in the right direction. If various topics arise during a session, she knows how to provide structure. She manages to do this in a skillful and pleasant way so that the interaction is natural and the atmosphere remains open. Each session feels completed and ends with a specific objective. In the coaching process, Sylvia takes on a guiding role while leaving you in charge of the lead. She listens, asks questions, applies various coaching methods and enables you to better understand and rediscover yourself. She shares practical insights and examples with you. You will quickly gain new perspectives. The answers will come up almost by themselves. I am very grateful to Sylvia. She showed me my strength again. Through the sessions with her I learned how to get closer to my inner core. I regained my self-confidence and learned to embrace myself as I am. I already knew that I was a happy person but now I really feel it and others see this transformation as well!" 

Anna Piechota, Gouda

Reference LinkedIn 30.04.2020

"What I appreciated most about working with Sylvia was her ability to help me not only identify the psychological stumbling blocks that had hindered my career success, but more importantly she provided me with the tools needed to overcome those psychological blocks. The ability to identify a problem and provide tools to overcome are what I needed most in my career, and Sylvia helped me with both. She asked the appropriate questions and guided me toward the answers that were right for me as an individual. She is thoughtful, caring and professional, and I am deeply grateful for the time we worked together."
Tami S. Paris, New York

Reference LinkedIn 23.05.2020

"Sylvia has a very dimensional knowledge and wisdom which she applied during our sessions in a natural manner. She acknowledged me as an individual and worked hand in hand with me rather than leading me through the whole process. It almost felt symbiotic. Sylvia’s approach was very objective, with fantastic skills to communicate her observations clearly and always down to the point. It helped me tremendously in arriving at my own conclusions. Sylvia’s style of working has never been intrusive, I always felt supported and safe. Sylvia saw my situation from a very broad perspective, she helped me incorporate many elements in drawing my own situation: my character traits, personal strengths, acquired skills and experiences. Having been given plenty of space Sylvia helped me challenge my professional situation in a very constructive way. I am very grateful for the time with Sylvia, most of all for her genuine look at my potential and possibilities. Without hesitation I would recommend Sylvia to everyone who wants to arrive at his best both professionally as well as personally."
Ewa Nagorzanska, Den Haag

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