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Life Transformation

Sylvia F. Rodatz
Coaching, Counselling, Therapy, Hypnosis
Sylvia F. Rodatz
Practice for Hypno-Systemic Therapy -
Couple Counseling - Sexual Therapy - 
Coaching - Psychological Counselling - Hypnosis

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Mark Twain


Prepaid - Packages
4x60 min. for EUR 400,- instead of EUR 480,-
4x90 min. for EUR 600,- instead of EUR 720,-

My Approach

I firmly believe that every human being is meant to have a life full of happiness and joy, full of health and well-being, full of love and fulfillment, as well as full of self-confidence and personal growth. Your goals and desires can, but do not necessarily have to, correspond to the goals and life models set by society. What a wonderful individual diversity it is that enriches our lives. 

A meaningful, fulfilled and happy life can be achieved if one consciously strives for it and invests one's resources and energy sources to achieve it. 

Whether in love, family, friendship or at work - every person is responsible for him or her self and has room for change at all times. So every human being can be the creator of his or her own life, even if it sometimes requires a lot of courage and strength. 


Do you want a fulfilled and happy life? Are you striving for personal growth? 

YOU are the creator of your life. I am happy to support you in your efforts to achieve your goals and make your dream come true. Let's make it happen together!


In my coaching / counselling / therapy sessions I work according to the approaches of systemic psychology and therapy, which sees people within various systems and relationships and therefore considers the social context and mutual interactions as decisive criteria. 

As I like to work in a future and resource-oriented way, based on the solution-oriented counselling (here also Brief Therapy / Brief Coaching), I see the clients as experts of their own lives with already existing resources and resources to be developed, and embrace them with respect and appreciation. 

Using the methods of hypno-systemics, I work with my clients to involve their emotional experiencing. The hypnotic work thereby enables access to the unlimited, unconscious wisdom and involuntary processes.

Goals and changes can only be achieved with strategically well-planned and consistent action as well as result-oriented flexibility. In order to implement your personal transformation in the best possible way, I therefore make use of the action-oriented tools and methods of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).


Each coaching / counselling / therapy session is very individual because the session's process is determined by your objectives. Your goals are my goals. 

My Life-Transformation-Coaching / Counselling /Therapy not only gives you the opportunity to question and analyse the habitual and the familiar while guaranteeing absolute discretion. My sessions also offer you a protected space to spin new ideas and redefine yourself, or to face fear and (self) doubts, to go through worst-case scenarios and thus to rebut them.


A Life Transformation session takes one to two hours. You can book a session in presence in my premises in Berlin or The Hague, or online via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or telephone.

The terms and conditions of the assignment we work out during our first meeting (free of charge) on the phone.




Please call me or send me an e-mail. We can arrange a personal meeting at my facilities in The Hague respectively in Berlin or by remote call via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom  or telephone. 

My Life-Transformation Coaching, Therapy and Counselling I offer in German, English and Polish. 


I am looking forward to your topics and to our journey together.

Paul Gabrielstraat 92,

2596VH The Hague

The Netherlands

Tel. +31-6-5286-2485


Dorotheenstraße 37
10117 Berlin
Tel. +49 -157-7374-0004


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