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3-hours-clarification of your "burning" issues

Have you ever asked yourself why you react in the same way in certain situations over and over again? That these situations always evoke the same thoughts and you always apply the same strategy? Of course, you intend to react differently in the same situation next time. And the next time, you still fall back into the same old pattern. 
Does it sound familiar to you?


We all have a kind of script, an unconscious program, according to which a person lives. This life plan is set during the early childhood and the process of growing up. It is based on experiences, on statements and prohibitions, on relationships that we have with our family and our environment, and it has a significant influence on the child's strategies and self-esteem. This program becomes part of our personalities and is automatically executed again and again - also in later, adult life - and unconsciously determines our behaviour.

The contents of this life program become our most burning issues, because they accompany us throughout our lives. But what are these contents?

There are certain guidelines and statements that we as children repeatedly hear or receive non-verbally from our family and society. We transform these into a survival strategy to be loved, for social belonging, to get attention. 

According to the Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne, these statements are the main motivators for our actions. They are our driving force and form our behavioral patterns. They become our (un)conscious life motto, such as:


o "I am a perfectionist", 

o "I don't need any help; I can do it myself."

o "I've always been rational." 

o "I don't like being at the center of attention."

o "I'm just not that good." 

o "I just need harmony."

o "I can't turn down the others," etc.


If these statements are developed too strongly, they can have a harmful effect on a person. Therefore, it is essential that you find access to the content of your life program. 

In a reflective, joint coaching process we will get to know your motivators and prohibitions, reduce their intensity and even find a way to use them in a positive way.

What are the benefits of 1x coaching?

- We explore which biographical, unconscious experiences are relevant to your burning issue.

- You learn to understand what it is your own contribution to your burning issue.

- Together we find a solution and plan how to apply the new findings.


Let's go on a search together. We bring the Unconscious, which automatically runs as a program, into your Consciousness. Your life script and your burning issues can be consciously redefined. 
Then as a truly autonomous person you can make your own free and conscious decisions.

I look forward to meeting you and your "burning" issues.

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