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Your coaching by the sea - change your perspective

Since the beginning of time, water has fascinated people as a symbol of life. 

Many of you know the feeling of peace and balance that we get when we walk on the beach. The waves come and go, the water whispers. You feel the wind on your skin, your breathing becomes deeper and calmer, your eyes wander along the infinitely long horizon line. You can breathe again, you find your way back to your inner self and your thoughts no longer move only around everyday stress.  You can relax. 

The Hague, with its 11 kilometres of picturesque coastline, offers not only beach walks but also fantastic opportunities for all kinds of beach, water and other sports. If you're looking for active leisure, you can go to Scheveningen, the Dutch surfer's Mecca, or snowboard at the De Uithof ski hall, visit the Hague Beach Stadium or watch a football match played by ADO Den Haag. Visiting such events as NK Kiteboard Freestyle Scheveningen, Sail op Scheveningen or North Sea Regatta is a memorable experience. 

With this setting and the distance from everyday life it is easier to look at the topics that affect you.


On which topics do you focus?

Would you like to grow personally or professionally?

Do you need more clarity in decisions, solutions or approaches?

Do you have a carousel of thoughts and don't know how to get ahead?

Would you like to resolve private or professional conflict situations?

Are you exhausted and out of your mind and want to interrupt this feeling?

Do you perhaps want more peace, balance and meaningfulness? Do you strive to turn your attention back to yourself and to be aware of yourself?

Are you tired of constantly showing the same behaviour patterns in certain (stress) situations and do you finally want to change them?


If these and other topics sound familiar to you, talk to me!

We can work on your concerns in a joint coaching, and not only by Face Time, Skype, Zoom or telephone. 

How about this .... You simply take a break and come to The Hague, not only to restructure your life and yourself, but also to gain new perspectives. Recharge your batteries here at the North Sea. The roughness of the North Sea climate will help you to find yourself, your senses and your body. As your sparring partner, I will support you with my knowledge and experience.

I look forward to meeting you at the North Sea.


For your stay in The Hague I offer you a coaching package - talk to me. 

I am also happy to provide you with further tips and recommendations regarding hotels, attractions and events.

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