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Sessions & prices

Individual Sessions 
Coaching / Counselling / Therapy / Hypnosis
Self Payer
EUR 120,-- / 1h

Your goals are my goals - whether it is personal growth, communication, reorientation, changing thinking and behavioural patterns, self-awareness, selfconfidence, decisions or success, crisis counselling, change management, couples and sexual therapy, relationship counselling, stress prevention, burnout, dealing with anxiety and anxiety disorders, affective disorders such as depression - we walk this path together.
I guide you through your process.


I will accompany you in your process. Let's make it happen!


Individual session 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.                                           

Face-to-face or online via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, phone      

NEW: Prepaid - Package 4x60
4 x 1h Coaching / Counselling / Therapy
EUR 400
(instead of 480)
NEW: Prepaid - Package 4x90
4 x 1,5h Coaching / Counselling / Therapy
EUR 600
(instead of 720)
Executive Coaching / Business Coaching                                                   
EUR 180 / 1h
Couples Counselling / Sexual Therapy 90 Min.
EUR 180 / 1,5h
Stress & Burnout Prevention

EUR 120 / 1h

Walk&Talk - Outdoor Session in The Hague or Berlin

EUR 120 / 1h

Hypnosis to strengthen one's own healing powers
EUR 120 / 1h
Therapy (Individual & Family Therapy)
EUR 120 / 1h
1xCoaching3-hour clarification of your "burning" issues                                           
EUR 300,--

North Sea Coaching - 3 days with 4h coaching sessions each  

EUR 1200,--

Team Development / Team Coaching
Corporate Sessions

Prices by arrangement

In order to make sure that EVERYONE has access to my coaching - for clients with financial shortages, my coaching charges are income-based.


In case of cancellation within less than 72 hours before the appointment, the total fee must be refunded in full.

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